One of the most common problems I hear from readers is the difficulty in finding calm and peace in the middle of a work day.

Work for many people is stressful, full of too many things to do, too many meetings and emails and incoming information and interruptions and irritations and distractions and decisions and confusion.

Putting “Zen” into the workplace — some calm, some mindfulness, some letting go of that which stresses you out — is not a simple thing for most people.

To help those who’d like to find a more peaceful way of working, I’ve teamed up with San Francisco Zen Center to create the Zen of Work online course.

Zen priest Robert Thomas (former president of SFZC) and I will be co-teaching the class, which lasts for four weeks and starts this Sunday (May 5, 2013). Space is limited so please sign up by Saturday (May 4) if you’d like to join us.